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Bad Jets

The Origin of 'Bad Jet' 

"'Bad Jet' was a good boy, special because of his averageness, consistent and courteous. He believes in God and the power of good over evil. But when he was needed to defend he was not afraid. 'I will defend my family, my country, and my God', said Bad Jet. 

But war is not what we expect. It is not so much of a dream as it is a surreal nightmare. And killing is different than the thought of killing - it is for real. So, in the beginning 'Bad Jet' was afraid, afraid to be killed, but also afraid to kill. Once you have seen one of your own killed, then it is different, it becomes personal. And as you kill, the realization of having killed never leaves. What did Jesus say? 

But 'Bad Jet' got good at killing - he became the best. He was good at being bad, and everyone was proud of him. They gave him metals and promotions. Everyone looked up to him. But when the war was over, and the killing stopped, 'Bad Jet' was ready to go home. 

He was a hero, he took a job and a wife, had kids and was happy ever after. Everything was perfect - except the dreams. 

'Bad Jet': He is aggressive, a loner, hyperactive, daring and carefree. He is all-American, while being good at being bad. He is 'Bad Jet'." 
Robin VanArsdol, 1998